Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We’re the employer partner at numerous properties with SEIU Local 1 Door Staff.  Clients and Staff benefit when we partner with their management company because:

  • Few Buildings have sufficient staff to cover open shifts resulting from scheduled vacations, sick leaves, absenteeism, or other issues. Admiral has many options to fill these openings effectively.
  • We handle the responsibility of supervising people who work 24/7, and enable Property Managers to focus on many other important matters for the Building.
  • Admiral assumes the liability and responsibility for employment-related issues, including grievances and disciplinary actions, and shifts it away from the ownership entity.

The Door Staff and security officers are employed by Admiral Security. After we hire an individual, we handle all administrative tasks, including payroll, benefits, insurance, scheduling, and more.

Admiral works with you to understand your specific needs and requirements, prepares training materials, and ensures that employees are trained to your satisfaction, plus provides documented annual retraining.

 Admiral Security’s supervisory and executive staff is available 24/7 to lend support during an emergency.  We maintain complete contact lists, including names and phone numbers, to ensure the necessary people are notified of the situation.

Our rigorous screening and hiring procedures as well as an understanding of your needs helps inform our staffing assignments; however, if an employee doesn’t satisfy your requirements, we will retrain or replace, no questions asked.

Yes!  As part of our onboarding process, we acquaint ourselves with each client’s location and unique preferences. We pride ourselves on being flexible, accommodating, and able to personalize our services for you. 

Costs are dependent upon your specific staffing needs. We provide reasonable, controllable pricing for our services. After we discuss and review your needs, we submit a firm proposal that includes all costs — and guarantee no surprises later.